Ward 60a/80a

Ward 60a/80a

Custom spec. 60 mm deep, 25 mm wide carbon/alloy hybrid rim. Strong structural Toray T800 carbon fibre used for the aerodynamic fairing bonded to an aluminium clincher rim. Parallel aluminium brake Track measuring 25 mm wide. 18.5 mm wide inner bead width.


Depth gives excellent balance of aerodynamics and cross wind stability with seemingly no compromise in either aspect.


Wider inner rim width causes the tyre to spread out, giving similar benefits to using the next size up tyre on a narrower rim, such as: decreased rolling resistance; improved comfort; and increased grip. But creates a much closer match between rim and tyre width, which greatly improves the aerodynamic efficiency of the wheel and tyre system together. Note: Most “23 mm” tyres measure very close to 25 mm on these rims. “25 mm” tyres measure around 26-27 mm.


Aluminium rim gives excellent and predictable braking properties without having to use special and/or expensive brake pads. Also prevents overheating issues associated with full carbon rims and allows the use of higher inflation pressures. These rims have been extensively tested in training and racing with clincher tyre inflation pressures of 180 psi on velodromes without issues.


Lightweight, low profile sealed bearing hubs with hollow aluminium axles, utilising reliable bearings in easily obtainable sizes, which can be easily replaced if necessary. The front hub has been selected specifically because it creates a front wheel with significantly increased lateral stiffness compared to most other hubs. This is noticable in scenarios where side force is applied to the wheel such as when cornering hard, climbing out of the saddle, or sprinting.


16 of the market leading Sapim CX-Ray bladed aero spokes, laced radially, are used in the front wheel for an aerodynamic bias where applied loads are lower.

24 Sapim Race double butted spokes, laced 2x cross in the rear wheel for a strength and stiffness bias where the applied loads are much higher. The thicker cross section of these spokes greatly increases rear wheel lateral stiffness which is noticable compared to similar depth rear wheels using thin bladed spokes. A rear wheel is not fast if it is flexing onto your brake pads!


Note: these rims have successfully been run tubeless with a Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR tyre, despite the rim being standard clincher specific.


All wheels are supplied with Schwalbe High Pressure Tubeless rim tape. It is super light weight; rated to 175 psi, (tested to 180 psi) with one single ply, without issues. It is super thin which makes mounting tyres easier.


*Specification subject to change


We offer a lifetime warranty for spoke replacement and retrues. This warranty does not cover shipping costs or improper use. In the event of hub or rim failure this is covered by the manufacturer’s policy.


Our carbon rims have a manufacturer supplied quality assurance warranty period of 1 year under normal riding. If there is any damage not caused by human factors, rims can be replaced.

  • Product Info.

    • 60 mm depth (front), 80 mm depth (rear)
    • 25 mm wide at the brake track, flares out wider below
    • 18.5 mm internal width
    • Carbon/alloy hybrid - Rigid carbon fibre with aluminium braking surfaces
    • Clincher (not tubeless)
    • 16 spokes front, 24 spokes rear
    • Fully sealed radial cartridge bearings