Ward RestZ

Ward RestZ

Unique 'Ward Rest' shape designed and developed by Tom Ward with feedback from various different riders. Designed specifically to allow extreme narrow elbow positions on standard width arm rest mounts.


Supportive sides produce a comfortable and stable elbow position, even in extreme narrow positions, allowing the hands and forearms to relax.


123 mm length to provide large contact area, reducing pressure on the elbows, while sitting comfortably inside the UCI maximum length limit of 125 mm.


Low profile base material and foam padding reduce stack height and arm rest bulk, keeping the arm rest tight to the forearm and out of the airflow. Tested in the Boardman Performance Centre Wind Tunnel against 3T Comfort arm rests, showing a 4 W aero saving at 60 kph, so comfort needn't sacrifice speed!


Used extensively by the AeroLab Ward WheelZ men's Team Pursuit squad in the 2019/20 winter track season, culminating in the team winning a Bronze medal at the 2020 HSBC UK | National Track Championships .


Undrilled base section means they can be mounted to any traditional TT/triathlon handle bar system, exactly where you want them*


Selection of decal colour options available to match your kit or bike! (Dark Grey pictured)


*Do not mount these arm rests with any of the mounting bolts within 30 mm from either front or rear edge, as this creates a large moment arm when weight is applied.

  • Product Info.

    • Aluminium Alloy Construction
    • Colour: Anodised Black
    • Left and Right sided
    • Tapered to fit the forearm
    • 123 mm long (UCI compliant), 55 mm high at rear
    • Weight: 158 g (pair, including base section foam as pictured)
  • Included in Purchase

    • AeroLab Ward RestZ Ergonomic Arm Rests (Pair)
    • Applied decals of your colour choice
    • Multiple pre-cut 5 mm Adhesive Back Foam Padding options for custom fit
      • Base sections
      • Inner lip sections
      • Outer side sections
      • Full width
Decal Colour