Basebar Bullets

Basebar Bullets

These are designed to be used as handlebar plugs primarily on track bike basebars, where brake levers are not used, but also work with drop handlebars. They will fit both types of handlebar snugly with the o-rings installed if handlebar tape is not reducing the inner handlebar diameter. If it is a particularly tight fit, we recommend applying Silicon lubricant to the o-rings. Alternatively washing up liquid can be used.


If handlebar tape is used and folded back into the handlebar end, as with most drop handlebars, these plugs can still be fitted either by cutting off that internal section of handlebar tape or by removing the o-rings. Some experimentation may be required to provide a satisfactory fit in this instance where the handlebar tape reduces the effective inner diameter of the handlebar. Electrical tape can be wrapped round the plug to fine tune the fit.


The outer diameter of the plug head is 24 mm to integrate flush with standard basebars and drop bars which use the same outer diameter.

These can also be used on the front or rear ends of tribar extensions. However we have other dedicated options for those applications, so please check them out.


Manufactured from engineering grade Polycarbonate, resulting in superior mechanical properties, particularly in strength and toughness over most commonly used polymers.


Ridden by the AeroLab Ward WheelZ team to Silver and Bronze medals at the HSBC UK | National Track Championships 2020.


We can produce these in almost any colour, to match your bike or clothing, but please contact beforehand as this could increase the lead time and cost.